• Pickleball Is the Best Sport You’re Not Playing
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    Seemingly a what-if scenario hatched in the minds of a bored family with a mismatch of sporting goods, pickleball’s the most fun you’ve never had. The platypus of sports, it’s a combination of badminton, court and table tennis — and, as funny as its name sounds, the gameplay inspires just as much enjoyment from its […]

  • Darkhorse MVP Candidates For the 2017-18 NBA Season
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    We’re one week into the season, and predictions that were made before are already shattered. Gordon Hayward is likely out for the season, seemingly dashing any hopes the Celtics had of upsetting the Cavaliers. Jeremy Lin’s injury has dashed any hopes Nets fans had of a playoff reappearance. Markelle Fultz has seen a drastic cut […]

  • How Do NFL Players Recover From Injuries so Quickly?
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    It can make you cringe in pain yourself, just watching it. A football player makes an amazing catch, and then gets instantly pounded down into the field by one or more opposing players eager to stop him. You hold your breath, wondering if he will get up or not. Usually, he pops right up and […]

  • 7 Sports You’ve Probably Never Tried
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    It’s important to try new things in life. You’re probably familiar with the sports we watch on TV in America, and even grew up playing them. You might have even tried out a few lesser-known sports during PE in school, games like lacrosse or handball, but there is a whole world of games you’ve probably […]

  • Your Beginner’s Guide to Field Hockey
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    Channel-surfing to ESPN this summer may have had you tuned into a completely unexpected sport: field hockey. Although it’s new to American TVs, versions of field hockey have been around for more than 4,000 years. It was the English who refined the sport into what it is today during the 18th and 19th centuries. Now, […]