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NCAA Basketball

  • O’Bannon Appeal Halts the Fall of Amateurism
    Posted in: Featured, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football

    Everyone that is waiting for the fall of our current definition of amateurism may have jumped the gun.1 The Northwestern football decision was overturned by the NLRB. Now, the O’Bannon decision from the Northern District of California has been upheld in small instances and overturned on its most interesting point. Antitrust Let’s start here. Antitrust […]

  • 2015 NCAA Tournament Regional Breakdown
    Posted in: Featured, NCAA Basketball

    Midwest Teams To Watch: #3 Notre Dame, #4 Maryland Notre Dame won the tough ACC tournament by an average margin of victory of 8.33 points. Beating both Duke and North Carolina on that run. They’re also winners in eight of their past nine games. The Fighting Irish are scoring nearly 79 points per game this […]

  • Fixing One And Done Through The MLB Model
    Posted in: Featured, Leagues, NBA, NCAA Basketball

    There has been a recent uprising of pundits wanting to change the way that players become eligible for the draft in the NBA, the one and done rule, including current NBA commissioner Adam Silver.1 Commissioner Silver simply wants to increase the age of the draft of 19 to 20. Here is the relevant requirements for underclassmen […]

  • Big 12 Hoops Country
    Posted in: NCAA Basketball

    The college basketball regular season is great for so many reasons. Whether it’s the loaded schedule with top 25 games almost every night in February and March or the unexpected teams vaulting themselves past traditional powers, there’s a lot going for it. A top-five matchup between Virginia and Duke on Saturday night had all the makings of a […]