The Chicago Bulls Should Draft Offensively


It’s no secret that the Chicago Bulls have some holes to fill on their team. One of the most notable problems is their scoring. They averaged a measly 93.7 points per game, ranking them last in the league. There are plenty of scorers in this year’s draft, and having two first round picks gives the Bulls an excellent opportunity to get some top-notch players.

It’s vital for the Bulls to fill that small forward position, and if they aren’t able to acquire Carmelo Anthony, the team will have to turn toward the draft. One of the players the Bulls should consider taking with their 16th pick is the Small Forward out of Duke Rodney Hood. He averaged 16.1 points per game, and had a three point percentage of 42%. Plus, being 6 foot 8 inches gives the Bulls a little bit of height at that position. The biggest issue with Hood is his lack of intensity on defense. The Bulls are known for their defense, and sacrificing that for a boosted offense would be a tough trade off. Still, there are just too many positive aspects of Hood’s game for the Bulls to overlook. He’s a very good team player, as he’s very unselfish and he only has a 10% turnover rate. Hood was able to play solid minutes at power forward. It isn’t likely that Hood would be a full time power forward on the Bulls, but having that versatility is valuable. However, it’s still his three point game which is most impressive. Having that high of a three point percentage would, without a doubt, make a huge impact on the Bulls scoring situation.

If you start talking about Carlos Boozer around Bulls fans, chances are the reaction you will get is pure disgust. Most Bulls fans simply just do not like Boozer. And can you really blame them? He really isn’t that good anymore. The Bulls may be in the market for drafting a power forward this year to backup Taj Gibson, and if they do, they should look no farther than Creighton. Yes, I’m sure you all know who I’m talking about: Doug McDermott. Sure, it’s a long shot that McDermott will drop far enough to the Bulls 16th pick, but it’s still possible. McDermott is probably the best three point shooting Power Forward, shooting 45% from behind the arc. He also averaged 26.7 points per game in the 2013-2014 season, which was good enough for him to be the top scorer in college basketball; not too bad if you ask me. He would go much higher in the draft if it wasn’t for a couple negative aspects to his play. McDermott really isn’t that athletic of a power forward, which hurts him as a defender. Again, the Bulls sacrificing defense for a boost in offense would be a tough thing to do. Still, if McDermott is still available for the Bulls’ draft pick, it only makes sense that they would snag him while they can. Even with McDermott’s athletic limitations, he was still one of the best players in college basketball last year.

Let’s face it, the Bulls have had some uncertainty at the point guard position the past couple years with the injury of Rose. Who knows when he’ll be back at 100% health? Even if Rose is back to normal this next year, he probably won’t replicate another MVP season. One has to wonder if the Bulls are going to look in the draft to snag a young point guard to start building a team around. One of my personal favorite Point Guards in college basketball last year was Elfrid Payton, point guard for Louisiana Lafayette. The nice thing about the Chicago Bulls drafting Payton would be that they could probably grab him with their 19th pick. Payton averaged 19.2 points per game last year. He’s an excellent ball handler, and one of the best defenders at the position. The one glaring issue I see in Payton is his three point percentage and his free throw percentage. He only shoots about 26% at the three, and about 61% at the free throw. Nevertheless, it may be worth it for the Bulls to invest their second first round pick on one of the best guards in the draft.

About the author: Nick Lowe