Kobe Bryant Looking To Buy An Italian Soccer Club


With Kobe Bryant’s career reaching its twilight years, and the Lakers looking worse than ever, it’s time for the NBA assassin to start looking at what his next move will be. It’s now being reported1 that Bryant is looking at purchasing Italian Serie B club Bologna FC 1909.

The group Bryant may be involved with includes defense attorney Joe Tacopina and Montreal Impact owner Joey Saputo. It’s been reported that Kobe would be putting up around $450,000 for his share of the deal.

Another report has surfaced saying that Bryant isn’t actually involved in the purchase, so it seems that we may have to wait until an official offer is made to see if he’s involved. In the meantime, it’s worth considering the possibility.

Kobe’s love for soccer is well-known. He grew up in Rieti, which is about four hours from Bologna. Honestly, with his athletic ability, I wouldn’t be surprised if he could’ve been a successful footballer, but that’s not possible now.2 So, the best way for him to become a part of the game is to purchase himself a team.

The team is valued at just over 20.4 million Euro (around $25 million) so that should give at least a rough idea of how much the team would go for.3 The largest shareholder, Albano Guaralid, is reportedly interested in selling the team due to recent struggles.

Bologna was a seven-time league champion, but has been rather woeful over the last decade. With Kobe’s competitive fire, if this purchase goes through, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bologna is a major contender again within a few years.

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  2. He was in negotiations for a 40-day deal with Virtus Bologna during the 2011 strike 

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