Will the NHL Make Way for the Seattle Squid?


The NHL has been looking into expansion possibilities for the last couple of years. Some said a team might be going back to Quebec City, or a second team might be added to the Toronto area. The latest rumors have been regarding new teams in Las Vegas and Seattle.

Last season, the NHL realigned its divisions. There are now only 14 teams in the Western conference compared to 16 in the Eastern conference. The NHL would ideally have an equal number of teams in each conference. With this realignment, there is now room for two new teams in Seattle and Las Vegas.

Seattle would be the best place for a new team. They have three professional sports teams in that city, two of which are immensely popular: the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Sounders. NBC Sports reports that the Sounders have the highest average attendance in Major League Soccer, with an average attendance around 44,000. ESPN reports that the Seahawks average more than 100 percent of capacity per game in attendance. If half of those fans supported a local hockey team, then the team could regularly sell out.

A NHL team would be a great fit because it would combine the physicality of football with the speed and skill of soccer. Also, the Seattle Thunderbirds, a member of Canada’s Western Hockey league, have long thrived in Seattle. The Thunderbirds have succesfully been a member of the Seattle community for more than thirty years.

Seattle is a great location for a new team. They are about two and a half hours from Vancouver; that presents a great rivalry opportunity.

While we are thinking about the possibilities, let’s not forget potential names. My favorite name is the Seattle Squid, which helps to acknowledge the waterfront on which the city of Seattle is located. Plus, it also sounds smooth and is easy to remember.

What would you call a team in Seattle?

About the author: Matt Kasanoff

Hockey enthusiast. I appreciate talent heart and effort.