2015 MLB Hall of Fame Ballot Announced


The ballot for the 2015 MLB Hall of Fame voting has been announced, and it’s highlighted by superstars, and near sure bets, in Pedro Martinez and Randy Johnson. Also included in the new additions are John Smoltz, Carlos Delgado, Gary Sheffield, Nomar Garciaparra, Troy Percival, Rich Aurilia, Aaron Boone, Tony Clark, Jermaine Dye, Darin Erstad, Cliff Floyd, Brian Giles, Tom Gordon, Eddie Guardado, and Jason Schmidt.

This is the first year that the 10-year rule has been in effect, so Don Mattingly (15th and final year), Alan Trammell (14th year) and Lee Smith have been grandfathered in. Other players returning from last year’s ballot are Craig Biggio, Roger Clemens, Curt Schilling, Mike Mussina, Mike Piazza, Jeff Bagwell, Fred McGriff, Mark McGwire, Edgar Martinez, Tim Raines, Barry Bonds, Larry Walker and Sammy Sosa.

The way voting works is qualified members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America select up to 10 players from the ballot whom they think are worthy of induction. To be elected, a player has to be named on 75% of ballots. Players remain on the ballot for either 10 years, or until they receive less than 5% of the vote.

With this group, I’d find it nearly impossible to select any less than 10. I don’t have a vote, but if by chance I did, the sure picks for me would be Martinez, Johnson, Smoltz and Biggio. It doesn’t take much more thought to include Garciaparra, Mussina and McGriff. The question then becomes how you feel on the confirmed and alleged steroid users. I wrote an article a couple years ago about how I’m for some of those players being elected. I will say that the Hall is a representation of the great parts of the game, so I’m not all in on some of the players who handled the allegations in a less than graceful manner. That said, I’d cast a vote for Shilling, Clemens and Sosa.

The full ballot list is below.

Randy Johnson
Pedro Martinez
John Smoltz
Carlos Delgado
Gary Sheffield
Nomar Garciaparra
Troy Percival
Rich Aurilia
Aaron Boone
Tony Clark
Jermaine Dye
Darin Erstad
Cliff Floyd
Brian Giles
Tom Gordon
Eddie Guardado
Jason Schmidt

PREVIOUSLY ON THE BALLOT (with 2014 results)
Craig Biggio (74.8%)
Mike Piazza (62.2%)
Jeff Bagwell (54.3%)
Tim Raines (46.1%)
Roger Clemens (35.4%)
Barry Bonds (34.7%)
Lee Smith (29.9%)
Curt Schilling (29.2%)
Edgar Martinez (25.2%)
Alan Trammell (20.8%)
Mike Mussina (20.3%)
Jeff Kent (15.2%)
Fred McGriff (11.7%)
Mark McGwire (11.0%)
Larry Walker (10.2%)
Don Mattingly (8.2%)
Sammy Sosa (7.2%)

About the author: Alex Lowe

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