Other League’s 2015 MLB Awards



Josh Donaldson
Mike Trout
Bryce Harper

Yes. We somehow ended up with a three way tie for MVP. I know, that’s probably the most unsatisfying thing that you read all day. We’ve not even come to any conclusions. To try to break the tie, Alex Lowe asked friend of the site Cricket who his pick is and he said Donaldson. But then we realized that he probably doesn’t follow baseball quite enough to break this tie, so we’re leaving it as is.

The argument is there for all three guys. Harper posted a ridiculous line through the season. His 42 homers and 118 RBIs both led the league. He batted .330 and had a crazy good OBP of .460. But that doesn’t mean he’s a no-brainer at the top.

Donaldson led one of the most entertaining, high-powered offenses to first place in the AL East. He had a league-leading 123 RBIs, hit .297, and played some ridiculous defense throughout the season.

Down in Anaheim, Trout was working his own magic. It ultimately wasn’t enough to make the playoffs, but he led the league in slugging and OPS with .590 and .991 respectively. His 41 homers would have led to 90 RBIs with a little more help ahead of him, but they’re still both solid numbers, good enough to be an MVP.

So there you have it. It’s a tie. Take that conventional award systems! We’re cutting the ever-coveted Other League trophy in thirds for the the 2015 MLB Awards.

Remainder of top 5:

T-4. Clayton Kershaw
T-4. Paul Goldschmidt

Cy Young


Jake Arrieta

Really, any of the top three would be solid choices here, but with the way the vote fell, Arrieta ultimately gets the nod. It’s hard to argue against him, until you point out the numbers of Greinke or Kershaw, but even then, you can’t ignore the numbers, and especially the second half that Arrieta put up. He went 22-6, posted a 1.77 ERA, and struck out 236 batters in his 229 innings of work. A crazy impressive season, showing that pitching can be exciting too.

T-2: Zach Greinke
T-2: Clayton Kershaw
4: Dallas Keuchel
T-5: David Price
T-5: Max Scherzer

Rookie of the Year


Kris Bryant

2015 has been dubbed by some as the year of the rookie, and looking at the list of names below, it’s easy to see why. All five guys who finished in our top 5 played significant roles on their teams, but none more so than Kris Bryant. The 23-year-old clubbed 26 home runs, was only one RBI shy of 100, and was picked for this year’s all-star game. He also led the league in strikeouts, but at least he stayed under 200 of those.

2: Carlos Correa
3: Francisco Lindor
4: Noah Syndergaard
5: Jung-Ho Kang

Manager of the Year


Joe Maddon

Had there not been so many teams that shined brighter than expected, Maddon would have likely been a no-brainer. As is, he still did enough to be our only unanimous choice. He took a team that was absolutely terrible last year, brought together a bunch of rookies and a few established players, and somehow turned that into the third best record in baseball. If it looks like our picks are a bit Cubs dominated, that’s just because Maddon did such an incredible job this season.

2: A.J. Hinch
3: Mike Matheny
4: Terry Collins
T-5: Clint Hurdle
T-5: Jeff Banister

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