What A 2015 MLB Win Costs


With the 2015 MLB regular season over, we can now see where value was found in the sport with the loosest cap.

In the table below I’ve compiled the wins for each team, their payroll,1 and most importantly, how much each win cost this year. As you’ll see below, just because you get a great value by this formula doesn’t mean you succeeded. Technically the Marlins spent the least per win and the Dodgers spent the most, but the Marlins are at home right now while the Dodgers are gearing up for a playoff series. The best value among playoff teams is easily the Houston Astros, who spent a mereĀ $944,586 per win.

Team2015 Payroll2015 WinsDollars per Win
Los Angeles Dodgers$314,168,41492$3,414,874
New York Yankees$219,256,86787$2,520,194
San Francisco Giants$186,963,63084$2,225,758
Boston Red Sox$183,289,74978$2,349,869
Washington Nationals$165,480,09583$1,993,736
Detroit Tigers$162,218,29774$2,192,139
Texas Rangers$152,395,60788$1,731,768
Los Angeles Angels$151,298,16285$1,779,978
Philadelphia Phillies$141,722,63963$2,249,566
Toronto Blue Jays$138,309,66493$1,487,201
Chicago Cubs$133,193,81097$1,373,132
St. Louis Cardinals$132,053,951100$1,320,540
Seattle Mariners$125,831,26576$1,655,675
Kansas City Royals$125,375,34095$1,319,740
New York Mets$120,415,68890$1,337,952
Chicago White Sox$118,860,48776$1,563,954
Baltimore Orioles$117,559,47681$1,451,352
Cincinnati Reds$114,040,61264$1,781,885
San Diego Padres$109,438,77074$1,478,902
Atlanta Braves$107,114,58067$1,598,725
Milwaukee Brewers$107,010,87368$1,573,689
Colorado Rockies$106,810,78168$1,570,747
Minnesota Twins$106,381,81883$1,281,709
Pittsburgh Pirates$99,385,60698$1,014,139
Houston Astros$81,234,40186$944,586
Oakland Athletics$80,376,83068$1,182,012
Cleveland Indians$77,404,41381$955,610
Arizona Diamondbacks$76,622,57579$969,906
Tampa Bay Rays $73,241,55280$915,519
Miami Marlins$62,340,52571$878,036

  1. Figures from Spotrac 

About the author: Alex Lowe

A former college athlete in a sport that no one cared about, Alex now spends most of his days being a furiously biased Bulls and Braves fan. When he's not busy with that, he still imagines his 5'7" self making an improbable rise to NBA stardom.