Golden State Warriors 2015-16 Preview


2014-15 Record: 67-15

Key Additions

SG Ben Gordon, PF Jason Thompson

Key Departures

PF David Lee

Projected 2015-16 Lineup

PG Stephen Curry, SG Klay Thompson, SF Harrison Barnes, PF Draymond Green, C Andrew Bogut


The Golden State Warriors are so complete. They epitomize the I don’t want to pick against them until they prove they will lose. Having said that, it’s hard to repeat and I probably won’t pick them to in the end. But they still have the pieces. The worries involve regression. Is Draymond Green really as good as he played last season? Can their style of defense hold? Stephen Curry won the MVP, will they be as successful if teams figure him out to even a slight degree? The answer to a lot of these questions is probably yes.

X-Factor: Andre Iguodala

Draymond Green can cover a lot of positions, including the three, without a doubt. But, if Green is busy with a front court player, then this team needs someone to be the defensive stopper on the wing. There aren’t a lot of teams where Green will be taken on a front court player and there will still be a wing player needing the stopper treatment, but this team is hard to find problems with. They’re so complete in the starting five and beyond. I wasn’t a fan of Iggy getting the MVP. I get the argument, but come on, LeBron. Regardless, the Warriors may need Iguodala to continue playing at a high level. But, maybe not, they’re good.

Most To Prove: Harrison Barnes

Barnes might be gone after this season. There is only so much money to go around, there will be more of it this off-season than can be accounted for, which is good and bad for the Warriors and Barnes. He’ll get the chance to stake is claim to the starting small forward spot and he’ll probably keep it all season. Barnes is a sneaky good scorer from several areas of the court and is a quality if unspectacular defender. But if he wants to be tacked on to the core of this team, he still needs to prove it.

Why They’re Worth Watching

Come on. If you don’t know the answer to this, I’m surprised you’ve found this preview.

Best Case

Challenging the Chicago Bulls for best record. That’s BEST case of course. 72-10

Worst Case

Short of injury? They end up missing David Lee’s limited minutes and Draymond Green regresses. 60-22

Projected 2015-16 Record: 63-19

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