NBA Trade Rumors With 24 Hours Left


With just a shade over 24 hours until the 3:00 p.m. trade deadline tomorrow, rumor after rumor has crept onto the internet. If half of the rumors are true, this would be the most active trade deadline ever, so it’s safe to assume that almost none of the rumors will amount to anything. But just in case they do, I wanted to run through a few of them and weigh the likeliness.

Goran Dragic To Be Traded

This is being reported all over the place, but RealGM are saying that the Suns will grant Dragic’s trade request. I have been saying that Dragic will likely sign with either the Knicks or the Lakers in the offseason, and those appear to be two of his main choices. However, it’s the third choice, the Heat, that’s the most intriguing. The Heat should make the playoffs this year, so he would actually be helping out a contender, and they’re by far the weakest at the PG slot. Giving up Norris Cole or Shabazz Napier could make a deal more feasible, but really none of the three teams have too many assets. Any team with a lot of assets may not be as appealing to Dragic come free agency this summer, meaning those teams are likely to give up less. The whole outlook on Dragic puts the Suns in a tough position and this is a great example of why teams should try to move players before there’s four months left on their contract.

Joe Johnson To The Pistons

The Pistons are somehow still in the playoff hunt, and if you listen to our NBA podcast at all, you know that we’ve loved to talk about Detroit because of that. But with Brandon Jennings down with an injury, you know this team needs some point guard depth. So to fill that hole in the dam, they’re trying to trade for… Joe Johnson?

This one doesn’t make much sense to me considering Johnson gets paid as much as anyone in the league per valuable thing he does on the court1 What Detroit really should be doing is trying to go after one of the big point guards on the market like the aforementioned Dragic or Reggie Jackson. I suppose they could always Toney Douglas or Casper Ware. They’ve got plenty of expirings to make some moves though, and one that could be way cheaper than Johnson is getting Kevin Martin from the Wolves.

Reggie Jackson Wants Out

We’re hearing that Reggie Jackson wants to be traded, but there hasn’t been much news as to where. It’s clear that with his diminished minutes in OKC he wasn’t likely to stick around. Plus, he’s become the Mario Chalmers of this team, where he can’t figure out when not to shoot and his teammates give him hell for it.

The Rockets could be a legitimate option here considering they’re the only real contender that’s a bit desperate for help at PG. Another possibility is dishing Jackson to a team that’s not going to do a thing this year, but could use a streaky shooting small guard. Good luck Thunder faithful.

The Nuggets Fire Sale

Basically everyone except Nurkic is on the block in Denver, and I’d be shocked if someone doesn’t get moved by tomorrow afternoon. There are a lot of things the Nuggets could do to make the rest of the league more interesting, though sadly I don’t think that’s their priority.

Ty Lawson to the Rockets is what really excites me. Houston needs a PG and they could give up Terrance Jones and a grab bag of picks and expirings for a PG who could really lead their offense. Plus, Houston has a great public transportation system, so Lawson would rarely have to drive.

Kenneth Faried should be moved considering he’s still got a huge upside and Denver seems to have soured on him. The team that keeps sticking out to me is the Celtics. Package Sullinger or Bradley with some picks, throw in some other players to smooth the cap gaps, and Faried could join Marcus Smart as the start of Boston’s rebuild.

Terrance Ross Is Staying In Toronto

We’re now hearing that Ross isn’t actually on the move as was previously indicated. I’m guessing this is because there wasn’t a good enough package presented yet. Considering Ross’ production has fallen off and his 50 point game is looking more and more like a¬†glitch in the Matrix¬†than the future for the third-year wing, they’re probably not getting any Godfather offers. Taj Gibson was mentioned before, but it’s ridiculous to think that anything close to a Ross for Gibson swap is possible. The Raptors do still need some depth in the front court, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Ross is a part of some package that is presented.

Enes Kanter Is Wilt

Or at least that’s what his agent would have you believe. And the Jazz actually.

And then there’s talk of a max contract for Kanter when the time to re-sign comes. Now I’m no statistician, but 14 points and 8 rebounds doesn’t quite scream franchise player at me, so I don’t see any team reaching out to make Kanter their go-to guy. That being said, I do like Kanter, and think he could be a solid piece for a team, as long as he’s nothing more than the 3rd man. Perhaps the Celtics could snag him with a few of their 321 first round picks. Or he could fit in for the Bucks now that Larry Sanders is on a hiatus, but the asking price may be too high for Kidd and Co. I’m guessing Kanter is stuck in Utah for at least a few more months.

  1. Not an official stat… Yet. 

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