Players Who Stood Out: Preseason Week 2


Chicago vs. Jacksonville – 8/14/14

Allen Hurns: Jacksonville WR

The rookie from Miami made his mark against the Bears this week. Hurns was able to reel in four catches for 74 yards. He had the most receiving yards out of any player on either team. On top of that, he had the longest catch of the night, going for 45 yards. With the amount of injuries the Jaguars have seen at the WR position, expect Hurns to get even more opportunities throughout the rest of preseason, and the regular season, as well.

New England vs. Philadelphia – 8/15/14

Jonas Gray: New England RB

New England has had it’s share of running back issues the last few years, so it was nice to see someone step up. Gray had 12 carries for 98 yards. It will be interesting to see if the Patriots give Gray a chance during the regular season to take carries from Ridley. Ridley had a decent game himself, if it wasn’t for his fumble.

New Orleans vs. Tennessee – 8/15/14

Justin Hunter: Tennessee WR

Justin Hunter made the most out of his four catches this week. He had 111 receiving yards, and two touchdowns. His longest catch was for 64 yards. With the uncertainty for wide receivers in Tennessee, we may see Hunter as one of their top guys in the regular season.

Seattle vs. San Diego – 8/15/14

Robert Turbin: Seattle RB

Marshawn Lynch is the clear RB starter for the Seahawks next year, but let’s be honest, he’s starting to age. It would be nice to have a younger running back to back him up. Robert Turbin is clearly that guy. This week, he had 12 carries for 81 yards and a touchdown. He even had a run for 47 yards.

Oakland vs. Detroit – 8/15/14

James Ihedigbo: Detroit SS

In this game, it was someone on the other side of the ball that impressed me the most. Ihedigbo had five total tackles, four of which were solo. He was able to defend a pass as well. He fits in well with Detroit’s notoriously rough defense.

Green Bay vs. St. Louis – 8/16/14

Randall Cobb: Green Bay WR

Cobb’s got a good shot at becoming the stud wide receiver for the Packers this year. It’s just good to see that he is playing well coming back from the injury last year. He had three catches for 34 yards and a touchdown. Nothing jaw dropping, but its good to see that he’s back to himself.

New York (Giants) vs. Indianapolis – 8/16/14

Jacquian Williams: New York LB

Williams’ performance was quite impressive. One of the best defensive players of the week. He had a total of nine tackles, and four of them were solo. This is a huge step in improving the linebackers of the Giants.

New York (Jets) vs. Cincinnati – 8/16/14

Chris Johnson: New York RB

Chris Johnson seems to be fitting in nicely with the Jets’ system. His performance this week shows that he is more than capable to succeed in this organization. He had 10 carries for 63 yards. Nothing spectacular, but Chris Johnson should be the stud of this Jets’ offense this year.

Baltimore vs. Dallas – 8/16/14

Deonte Thompson: Baltimore WR

This player stood out for, not his receiving skills, but for his special teams ability. Thompson had three kick returns this week for a total of 188 yards, capped by one return of a whopping 108 yards.

Pittsburgh vs. Buffalo – 8/16/14

Ryan Shazier: Pittsburgh LB

By far, the best defensive performance of the week. Shazier racked up 11 solo tackles. And if that wasn’t enough, he also was able to bat a pass. Shazier is going to be one of the top linebackers this year.

Miami vs. Tampa Bay – 8/16/14

Rishard Matthews: Miami WR

Offensively, this game was pretty weak. The only stand out player had to be Matthews. He had three catches for 43 yards and a touchdown. Not an incredible game, but hey, I’m sure the Dolphins will take it anyday.

Houston vs. Atlanta – 8/16/14

Devonta Freeman: Atlanta RB

Again, offensively, this game wasn’t too great. Freeman however, still put up some solid numbers. six carries for 31 yards isn’t too bad, and I’m sure the Falcons are looking for a young guy to back up Steven Jackson this season.

Minnesota vs. Arizona – 8/16/14

Teddy Bridgewater: Minnesota QB

I’m not sure how it’s not clear that Bridgewater should be the starting quarterback for the Vikings. He put up a great show this week, completing 16 of 20, for 177 yards and two touchdowns. The Vikings had to be in the worst situation with quarterbacks this year, and Bridgewater could be their ticket out.

Denver vs. San Francisco – 8/17/14

Jimmie Ward: San Francisco SS

The guy that came out of the mid-major Northern Illinois University was the standout player in this game. He had seven total tackles, with six of them were solo. This is just another example of how the 49ers used their late first round pick wisely.

Carolina vs. Kansas City – 8/17/14

Jonathan Stewart: Carolina RB

Stewart was able to find the endzone twice this week. He had four carries for 26 yards. He will for sure be splitting time with DeAngelo Williams throughout this season, as the Panthers will look toward their running game quite a bit.

Washington vs. Cleveland – 8/18/14

Connor Shaw: Cleveland QB

Nope, Johnny Football is not on the list this week. Connor Shaw was the one that really stood out to me this week. He doesn’t really have a chance to start during the regular season, but he played great. He was eight for nine, for 123 yards passing, and a last second touchdown. With Hoyer and Manziel playing so poorly this week, I wouldn’t completely overlook Shaw.

About the author: Nick Lowe