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1. Snow Soccer! Switch to the UEFA club schedule, you say? I love snow soccer and the orange ball … as a change of pace. Like so many of the world’s best things, snow soccer is best enjoyed in moderation. No need for heatmaps in snow soccer. Minnesota featuring several Northern European players has a […]

I’m going to do a little experiment with the 2017 MLS season. Bayes’ Theorem is both a statistical and logical technique for finding the most correct – or least wrong – answer based on probabilities. The prior position or probability, known as a Bayesian Prior if I recall correctly, is constantly updated with new information. […]

Major League Soccer (MLS) is expanding at a fantastic┬árate. Two new teams joined the growing league for the 2015 season; Orlando City Soccer Club and New York City Football Club. Their respective on-field success or lack thereof aside, things are going very well. Let’s take a look at the five newest – or at least […]