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It can make you cringe in pain yourself, just watching it. A football player makes an amazing catch, and then gets instantly pounded down into the field by one or more opposing players eager to stop him. You hold your breath, wondering if he will get up or not. Usually, he pops right up and […]

The NFL is home to some of the world’s most amazing athletes. The demands of various football positions make year-round training absolutely essential, whether it’s a lineman trying to hold back more than 300 pounds or one of many wide receivers that eclipse the 20 mph mark. Professional football players constantly have to face one […]

The term “Footballer’s car” gets thrown around quite a bit in Great Britain — but considering that what the Brits call “football” is completely different than American football, it’s funny how the term applies regardless of where you are. What’s also entertaining is that many European footballers drive large American SUVs — you know, the […]

You can’t help but feel a little sympathetic for Tony Romo. After spending more than a decade with the Dallas Cowboys organization and leading the team to several winning records, Romo’s unyielding health issues and the Cinderella success of Dak Prescott have landed him a spot on the bench with Dallas fielding what could be […]

Paul DePodesta

What exactly is the Chief Strategy Officer in a front office? In the case of the new position created for Paul DePodesta on the Cleveland Browns, it’s as the man in power. I have learned Paul DePodesta leaving #Mets to run the NFL Cleveland Browns as executive VP, answerable only to team owner/pres. — Joel […]

I got on the Teddy Bridgewater bandwagon as soon as he started to fall on draft boards before the 2014 NFL Draft. Something about the best ranked quarterback for the entire season falling because teams didn’t like how he looked throwing a ball in shorts irked me. Bridgewater inspired my look at whether QB hand […]

Since starting the season 0-2 with back-to-back losses to the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets, the Indianapolis Colts have won three straight games against the Titans, Jaguars, and Texans. Those three wins have given the Colts a 3-2 record and made many forget about their worrisome season openers. Lost in all of this though, […]

Daily fantasy sports legality relies on a fairly tenuous designation as a game of skill instead of a game of chance. The logic goes that a random fool could not choose a team, or a program could not randomly set one, that has a decent chance of winning. The choosing of players makes it more […]

The 2015 Buffalo Bills have become one of the most talked about teams in the league this season, due to the hiring of Rex Ryan as well as the emergence of exciting quarterback Tyrod Taylor. Although the Bills have been known for their aggressive, hard-hitting defense, the offense has been playing very well and putting […]

When you think of Peyton Manning, what do you picture? Well, I visualize the legendary QB back in shotgun, walking up to the line and shouting out routes for every receiver and the protection scheme for each offensive lineman. With only about two seconds left on the play clock, the image of Manning taking the snap, […]