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Here we go, the 2014 MLB predictions from Other League. Another round of point less picks that will undoubtedly be terribly wrong. If you want to see how Al and I did last year, you can read our predictions here. This year we have Charlie helping out as well. I’ve added some very little commentary on the bottom, but here is the meat and potatoes of the article, the turrible picks.

Division Winners – AL Colby Al Charlie
AL East Tampa Bay Rays Tampa Bay Rays Boston Red Sox
AL Central Detroit Tigers Detroit Tigers Detroit Tigers
AL West Oakland A’s Los Angeles Angels Texas Rangers
Wild Card – AL      
AL 1 Boston Red Sox Boston Red Sox Tampa Bay Rays
AL 2 Baltimore Orioles Oakland A’s Oakland A’s
Division Winners – NL      
NL East Washington Nationals Atlanta Braves Atlanta Braves
NL Central St. Louis Cardinals Pittsburgh Pirates St. Louis Cardinals
NL West Los Angeles Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers
Wild Card – NL      
NL 1 San Francisco Giants St. Louis Cardinals Cincinnati Reds
NL 2 San Diego Padres New York Mets Washington Nationals
Awards – AL      
MVP Mike Trout Mike Trout Miguel Cabrera
Cy Young David Price Chris Sale Yu Darvish
Rookie of the Year Yordano Ventura Xander Bogaerts Xander Bogaerts
Awards – NL      
MVP Buster Posey Hanley Ramirez Joey Votto
Cy Young Jose Fernandez Clayton Kershaw Adam Wainwright
Rookie of the Year Billy Hamilton Billy Hamilton Javier Baez
World Series      
NL Champion Los Angeles Dodgers Pittsburgh Pirates St. Louis Cardinals
AL Champion Tampa Bay Rays Detroit Tigers Detroit Tigers
WS Champion Tampa Bay Rays Pittsburgh Pirates St. Louis Cardinals
Dark Horse Team Toronto Blue Jays Kansas City Royals San Francisco Giants

As you can see, Al is still homer picking the Atlanta Braves, despite their recent run of pitching injuries. Somehow Charlie has found it in his heart to agree with him, bless them both, but we know it is going to be the revamped Nationals that come out of the NL East this year.

The Tampa Bay Rays look as close to loaded as a team that never dives into free agency can. I expect them to overtake the defending World Series champions in the long run. After last year’s run of decency despite an even more terrible looking roster, I am terrified not to pick the Yankees after their spending spree. They are the most likely team that I didn’t pick to make me look terrible.

The NL awards races are much more interesting, as the AL MVP is still seen as a two-horse race, I’ll take Trout to finally break through please, and Xander Bogaerts being the hot name. The NL MVP should be up for grabs, reigning winner, Andrew McCutchen, should have a better representation than we have, but it is very hard to repeat as MVP for any reason. Billy Hamilton will simply get the counting stats to take the Rookie of the Year home with him. I am going out on a limb and picking the Big Fern to continue and build on his rookie season and to wrest the Cy Young award from the clutches of the tyrant that is Clayton Kershaw.

Three picks, three champions, that’s parity folks. If we had anything to do with the outcome that is. Tampa, Pittsburgh and St. Louis. All obviously have great cases to be the team and none of us will probably have picked correctly come October…let’s move on.

Dark horse teams are fun. I think the chances that the Blue Jays stay healthy and their pitching takes a step forward are below 50%, having said that, if they do, they could be a very exciting team to watch fight for a spot in the ever tough AL East. Al must agree with me when I say that I think the AL Central could be much more open than people expect it to be with the ever-present Tigers sitting at the top. I believe they’ll pull through in the end, but the Royals or Indians could certainly make it interesting, and that’s all it takes for the margin of error to cause havoc. Charlie pick San Francisco…well two of our dark horses were fun anyway.

-Colby Rogers (@FrontOfficeGuy)

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