Reunited and It Feels So Good!


What’s next for the Zen Master? After surprisingly missing out on the chance to coach the Los Angeles Lakers again, Phil Jackson is without a doubt fielding countless calls about his availability. One of the greatest coaches of all time is not going to be lured out of his home for just any opportunity, but one that just might exist is a surprising one that would take the NBA by storm.

I think it is time to get the band back together. Jackson to the Bulls? No. Phil to the Knicks? Nuh-uh. I want to see The Greatest and The Greatest back together again. Phil, Charlotte’s on the phone and they have a few questions for you.

Michael Jordan has been one of the single worst executives in the NBA since he took over the basketball operations in Charlotte. It really is unfortunate for the greatest player in NBA history to struggle this much to put together a team that is even competitive. Rich Cho is technically the GM in Charlotte, but by all reports M.J. is in charge for the Bobcats. Rich Cho is either just a trophy of a GM or else he has just become a simple yes man for the G.O.A.T., which would be an easy thing for many to become. Charlotte has started to turn this team around and looks like a new team this year, but they are far from competing for any titles or even meaningful playoff wins.

It’s time to bring in Phil Jackson to be Jordan’s real competitor in that front office. Michael needs someone to challenge his decisions and to put his stamp on the franchise. M.J. doesn’t need to roll over for Phil, but to put these two minds back into one franchise could be scary for the rest of the league.

When thinking about this, the first thing I think is, why would Phil ever think about coming out of retirement to become part of this Charlotte Bobcats franchise in ANY capacity? Why would he stoop to the level of such a seemingly dysfunctional and worthless franchise? For the challenge and for the possibility to bring great basketball to Charlotte. Imagine the headlines across the nation if Jordan would find a way to bring Phil into the fold. The greatest player coach combination of all-time giving it another go as a front office combo.

Phil could bring in his own people for the coaching staff, hopefully to install the triangle and to talk with M.J. about bringing in the proper personnel to create a real juggernaut in the Eastern Conference to fight with Miami. Phil has a history of having a big powerful center to guard the lane while the triangle does it’s work on the offensive end. I believe that Bismack Biyombo would be a great defensive specialist for this team for years to come. Also, there are power forwards available that would fit the triangle, Pau Gasol maybe?

I for one would LOVE to see this movie created in real time. To see a reunion of this magnitude that would supercharge the fan base in Charlotte and give us all something to talk about, for the third time of this young season, would be amazing. I’m all for adding one more storyline to one of the most interesting NBA seasons in quite some time. Time to bring in a real challenge to your authority Michael, do the right thing and pick up the phone. Maybe they could hire Scottie Pippen to coach.

About the author: Colby Rogers

Colby is the Editor-in-Chief, Founder and Lead Contributor to Other League. Also a law student focusing on Labor & Employment law and intersections with law and sports. You can find him on Twitter via @Colby_OL.