Other League’s Sportswriting Picks For July 14 – July 20


Here at Other League, we know we aren’t the only site delivering quality sportswriting to the web. We love reading the articles that other sites come up with, especially when it features quality writing with excellent analysis. In this new column, we’re going to highlight the best sportswriting of the week. Every time one of us comes across an article that we wish we had written, it’s going to end up in this column.

From Boom to Bust: Building a Predictive Quarterback Model

By CCNorseman – Daily Norseman

Still, the difference between Teddy Bridgewater and Jimmy G is approximately 0.6; which is the difference between Jimmy G and the 6th ranked player.  That is to say, according to the above metric, Teddy Bridgewater is about as much better than Jimmy Garoppolo is over Brett Smith.  Second, Johnny Manziel isn’t anywhere CLOSE to being as good as Teddy Bridgewater is.

Carmelo Anthony’s Contract Could Doom the Knicks to Mediocrity

By Nate Silver – FiveThirtyEight

I don’t want to spend too much time in the weeds of the shot-creation debate — but it’s too important to gloss over in Anthony’s case. My read of the evidence is that we ought to give a fair amount of credit to this skill. Anthony can draw double-teams and create better opportunities for his teammates, who become more efficient shooters with him on the floor — an effect we’ve also observed for James. He can also take tough shots when his team doesn’t have many alternatives — last season, 42 percent of Anthony’s field goal attempts came with eight or fewer seconds on the shot clock compared to aleague average of 31 percent.1 In those situations, shooting efficiency drops drastically — but Anthony’s numbers held up well, and he was bailing out his team from a desperation attempt or a shot-clock violation.2

All-Star Game audience keeps shrinking

By Ed Sherman – Chicago Tribune

Perhaps realistic might be the better word, because the recent numbers could be the new reality for Fox and MLB. With so many choices for viewers, including a glut of baseball games being offered daily on multiple platforms, perhaps it is inevitable for the ratings to become splintered. Even the concept of watching all the top stars on one field doesn’t seem as special anymore.

Kingmaker? How LeBron could impact 2016 race for White House

ByGregg Doyel – CBS Sports

This column is not written as a joke, either. This is really happening. LeBron James’ return to Cleveland is going to make its mark on the 2016 presidential election in one way or another, the least of which would be if the 2016 RNC Convention is hastily thrown together because the Cavaliers are in the NBA Finals, making Quicken Loans Arena off limits to the RNC until roughly a week before its preferred convention date of June 28.

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