Referee Cameras Are Right For The NHL


Even with the NHL regular season starting up, one of the most valuable stories to come from the league is something most people would not expect. It’s not the addition of a new team or a rookie standing out, it’s cameras on helmets.

This season, NHL referees will wear helmet cameras to allow for an extra camera on ice. These cameras could change how the league’s review system works.

With this extra on-ice view, more goals can accurately be called and we can finally see what referees see. Because of this, it’ll finally be apparent what a referee means when they say they lost track of the puck, even though from a wide-angle view, it is blatantly obvious where it is. We can also get an up close view of fights in the league. While fighting is a controversial topic in hockey, it will still be interesting to watch an NHL fight from a view that’s only a few feet away from the flying fists.

These cameras will also help thin the league out from bad referees. If a referee is not doing his job and not watching the play like he should, the helmet cam will give the league even more proof and he could be fired. While this will not occur often, it will still give the league a way to make sure that their officials are capable of officiating the most prolific hockey league in the world. It’s an extra accountability measure.

Finally, we will be able to see what happens on the ice from an even more close up view. From players committing dirty penalties, to players swearing at each other, even to players having some fun with the cameras. This is all possible now due to the addition of the cameras.

Overall, the addition of helmet cameras on NHL referees is huge for the league. They will only benefit, as there is little to no fault in them. As fans, we deserve to have this view for what goes on on the ice and we have finally gotten it.

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