2016 NBA Trade Gettables: Brandon Jennings


Contract Remaining

  • 2015-16 – $8.34 million1
  • 2016-17 – UFA

2015-16 Stats as of 12/22/15

N/A – Left Achilles Rehab: Return possible Today (12/22 v. MIA)

Possible Destinations

  • New York Knicks
  • Houston Rockets


Point guard is not a needed position around the league. The closest positional comparison that exists in sports is probably an NFL running back. It seems that throwing a stone at the D-League will result in hitting a capable point guard. This is a huge exaggeration of course.

But, the point still holds. There aren’t a lot of teams that need a point guard to take a next step and will probably be in the trade market. The top-tier teams have guys like Tony Parker, Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, and obviously Steph Curry. That’s why the destinations is such a small list. In the end, Jennings might be moved to be a backup and a gunner off the bench. The Pistons need a backup and gunner off the bench too.

The complication for all of this is the fact that Jennings, at just 26 years old, is coming off of a left Achilles tear. He’s played one game in the D-League and might return tonight against the Miami Heat. He has the upside, but it is unrealized as of yet. This trade won’t happen until close to the trade deadline in all likelihood because teams will want to get as much scouting time on the returning Jennings before they commit any assets to an expiring contract guard that used to rely on scoring and is now coming back from major injury.

Teams like the Knicks and Rockets could really benefit from a healthy Jennings, despite the defensive issues it might cause. Jennings can run the offense and work well off the ball as a capable spot up shooter. Between the use of the triangle in New York and the presence of James Harden in Houston, an off-ball capable point guard might be a necessity for them.

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